Sunday, April 01, 2007

Month 2 re-loaded

I'm really having fun on this blog exercise. It's a jogging stroll down memory lane for me and I can't believe how fast and furious her rate of growth is!

Month 2
The second month of Sophie's life was slightly colicky. We tried a great many things, but the only one that worked was bouncing on a big gym ball in a completely dark room to send her to sleep. The thing which did make it all bearable was the fact that she started smiling at around 6 weeks. Month 2 milestones included sending her first email from our red ikea sofa. This sofa we are real sad to have left behind in Italy - it is I slept almost every night in the last few months of pregnancy (wierdly enough it was more comfy on the sofa than the bed) and this is where Sofa spent tummy time (so that she would be at eye-level to me when I sat on the floor).

Spending lots of time playing on her gymini. Best investment ever because she spent all her energy with the kickpad (must have reminded her of whacking my uterine wall) and playing with all those dangly toys, that I could blog about it all.

At the end of this second month I took off with her for a much deserved holiday in Sicily. More about that in the Month 3 Installment..

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