Friday, March 30, 2007

Real deja vu

My clients want a discount on my discounted price.... I can't believe it!! I wish I had quoted a MUCH higher rate, then I wouldn't care. As my dad said, lawyers tend to quote a sky high price and then give a discount so clients feel happy when paying the bill.

Maybe I should go back to being a lawyer since this is the kind of nonsense that you have to deal with all the time. There's a part of me that fantasizes saying something INCREDIBLE like - why don't you just pay me what you think this is worth - just simply to see what the reaction is.

But that would be a stupid thing to do and not worth the cost of what would be a very expensive experiment in human psychology.


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Michael Low said...

what I've always wanted to do was to tell the client "you wouldn't quibble with a doctor about his fees would you? Why should a lawyer be any different?" Never got the chance...can't say I'm not glad I left those days behind me, although having said that, I STILL get clients who quibble about our fees even after they've signed the fee agreement. Sigh...