Thursday, March 01, 2007

Searching for Job Nirvana

I am still looking for Job Nirvana.

I had dinner tonight with the partners of that place I was interviewing at, and they feel ready to send the offer letter to my headhunter tommorrow.

But I am worried. I don't think Job Nirvana exists, but when I went to the office I happened to see a random associate there who told me he regularly goes home at 8pm. Is that supposed to be a good thing? They are also proud of the fact that they don't give blackberries to associates because (apparently) you are supposed to be able to leave the office behind when you go home.

But I wonder how flexible they would be if I asked to leave the office early, put Sophie to bed and then work from home? Let me take a look at their offer and then ask them about it.

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mini said...

s i knew you would rock it!!!! :) u go girl!

yeah ask them about going home earlier. I don't think it would be a big deal unless you have meetings scheduled.