Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Meaningless Shopping Post

The discovery of bloglines was great. I at least obtained an imperfect view of my friends blogs. Thanks Mini and ~e~! Lots of blog catching up to do. Though there were no photos by Mini of the Big G.

There was a big huge celebration in the park today, I had fireworks (again!) just in front of our home. It's apparently the start of the 500 day count down to the olympics in Beijing. Start booking your tickets now.

In other news... I've turned to some form of retail therapy since Fabien is in Shenyang and still working crazy ass hours.

Ever since Sandra introduced them to me, I love baby furniture from Stokke, but the discovery of Svan has made me seriously rethink my allegiance. The chairs are wooden works of art. The sad thing is I just can't find them in China. Even something simple like this Jaiden cannot be found, and the irony is that it is made in China!!

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mini said...

yay ..limited access is better than no access? ps. weird but I'm in lijiang now and i can access bloglines again.