Friday, March 30, 2007

Time, is never time at all

In 11 days time my little baby and soon to be toddler will be 11 months old. Just to remind myself where all this time has flown, and to wax a little nostalgic about the whole process, I indulged in a bit of photo reviewing (also because I am picking photos to frame up around the house).

Month 1

So here she is 2 days old, her little face about as big as my mobile phone.

Because of the retained placenta, I lost a lot of blood, and I spent about a week in hospital attached to a great many IVs so for a long time, my arms looked alot like I had some kind of heroin problem:

So the first month flew by in a blur of breast-feeding and burping. Lucky most of the time Sophie spent sleeping, which was useful because I was mostly out of it. Fab's mum and my mum both came to help out at staggered intervals so that I was never left on my own even though Fab had to return to work. That was how I managed to be reasonably intact for Sophie's First Month celebration. We tried to hold it pretty early.

But Sophie yawned through most of it.

5 points if you can tell me where this blog post title comes from (no, googling it is cheating).

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