Sunday, March 18, 2007

Self Feeding Part 3

Sophie the macaroni masticator. She's gotten that pincer grasp down alright, though we're clearly not going to be writing in an etiquette forum just yet.

She's growing so quickly, and I am glad that I choose this time to be a full time mom. The transformation of my sleepy bitty baby into a grunting growling wookie to a fierecely independent little girl is taking place at such a rapid rate that if you blink you miss it. I am really glad I chose to blog it because only by going back to my old posts do I remember what she could or could not do just a few short months ago.

My current aiyi is a lovely lady who adores Sophie and she is getting very well trained by my mom, and I am looking for a second aiyi to supplement. Once I get a system of 2 aiyis going, then I will be going back to work. I don't know which job I will do yet, but in principle, I am pretty convinced that I want to go back to work WHEN the system of childcare is in place. But not before then. I don't know how long that will take, but the employer that hires me will have to understand that my family comes first, otherwise I can't accept the job.

In theory, it's all pretty simple. But of course the nights are reserved for the angsting...


Ex Night Queen said...

Macaroni masticator...sounds like the next superhero. But ya lah, she quite garang during feeding I experienced myself! Give her a kiss from me.

Sprog Mamma said...

Sophie's face is really elongating and she doesn't look like a chubby cheeked baby anymore but a nice long, lean toddler. We sure do miss her.