Thursday, March 29, 2007

Decorating Angst

I am trying to decorate Sophie's room. Right now it looks ummm.. undecided.

My job status is as yet undecided, so I am using this time to try to settle the house. Which is a bit difficult to do as our shipment still hasn't arrived yet! It is very stressful, but the good news is that my parents have decided to drop in this weekend so I can just catch up on sleep whilst they dote on my daughter.

Meanwhile I've got one offer to sell my soul to Mamon and make some rain. On the other hand, I am still busy applying for NGO jobs to save pandas and barely make ends meet. I know that must sound a bit schizophrenic, but I suppose it goes with the general look in Sophie's room.

I have curtains and rug in nice warm reds and a day-bed in orange and green, clashing with Dora the Explorer decals, wood furniture in Peter Rabbit blue themes.. the walls and built-in cupboards are white and will not be repainted because I have been scared off by all the toxicity reports on new paint in China. I need to buy: A ceiling lamp, a wall border, a chest of drawers. Possibly a baby sofa.

What do you think of this tree?

Originally I was going all for these really cute jungle animals. But Mom told me it was a bad fengshui idea to put fierce animals like lions and crocodiles near a child. So that is out.

No way am I going to get a room full of bloody pink faeries.

The agony of indecision over completely trivial things. One of the joys of the fairer sex it seems.

Do not even get me started on outdoor furniture . Meh...

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