Monday, October 29, 2007

Curling up with a book

I've been reading "half of a yellow sun", and it really makes me think I should start writing again.

This blog is a way to force me to string words together in a roughly intelligible stream of conciousness, but it is a mostly a medium for my own records. To remember each sparkly magic moment that I enjoyed with much love and laughter.

Writing a book or even a long essay requires a lot more discipline, a kind of rigour which I miss. I don't know if there is any point to doing it apart from the satisfaction of having done so. It's the same motivations for running a marathon or climbing a mountain. Just the feeling of having been able to have done so.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

To see the world in a grain of sand

I never intended to take my shoes off and wade into the sea, but clearly underestimated the power of "Mommy Please?".

The need to discover by touching, tasting and throwing stuff at, is something I thank her for teaching me each day.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Notes on the plane

The beauty of having both of us travel regularly for work is that we are less likely of falling into the "marriage trap" of taking the other person's presence for granted.

Our holiday in Japan was so wonderful, it was a real family holiday together and I fall in love with you again as the father of our child. You obviously love being a dad, and our daughter adores all the swinging, Eskimo-kissing, and being tickled to death by you. I was reading that girls are less likely to be in abusive relationships if they grew up with a strong father figure. I have no worries for Sophie on that front, and it is a real blessing.

I used to wonder how people could stay married for 50 years without getting bored. I have an inkling of that answer now. The natural progression of our relationship has not been without its fair share of fights and spats. But it's never reached a point where I ever doubted our love.

It something I am so happy about finding that I wish it for my "still looking" friends *(this kind of love that is, not the husband).

Monday, October 15, 2007

Am going to Singapore tommorrow

I have a conference to meet and greet clients and hopefully learn a great deal about this carbon trading business.

But it will be so fun to see everyone again, I haven't been back since New Year, and I am really excited about seeing everyone again.

It will be comforting since I am still upset about England beating France at Football.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Japan Holidays

We had an awesome holiday in Japan. It certainly did live up to the stereotypes about being extremely clean, well organised and polite. It was also surprisingly baby-friendly.

Some useful nuggets which parents travelling with toddlers might want to take note of:

1) Many parks have diaper changing areas and you can borrow a free stroller in most museums, nursing and rooms for your kid to have a nap can be found in most large department stores
2) Serviced Appartments are half the cost of a hotel, and you can choose a layout which favours an early bedtime schedule because parents can shut the bedroom door and sit in the kitchen to read guide books and enjoy a child-free dinner together
3) We tried a cheap ryokan and found out that co-sleeping does NOT work for us because our kid is so used to associating sleeptime with being alone and playtime with being with parents that when she is on a tatami mat together with her parents, she just can't sleep. Depending on your kid's sleeping pattern you might love or hate this communal sleeping thing

It was really wonderful having a long family vacation together, Sophie has benefited from all that extra time with her parents and learned silly stuff like how to:
1) meditate in a Zen Garden
2) say words like "Cool!" and "Mario! (just like the Nintendo PS2 game) - no prizes for guessing which parent taught her that one
3) also courtesy of her dad, she can say 3 syllable words like "asahi" !! I am trying to get her to forget that one before we go to Singapore, I think she'll freak out my parents if she can name the different Japanese beers before being able to say "elephant"
4) She has learnt that saying "coookie" and signing "please" works wonders, okay so the cookies are organic but I always wonder if I am setting her up for a lifetime of obesity and tooth decay if I start letting her eat cookies at 16 months (my husband thinks I should stop being paranoid and just enjoy both the holiday and our lovely daughter who shares her cookies with random strange dogs)

I think I like my job a lot. There was sufficient cover for my files, and whilst I did check email to ensure that it was still under control, I never had to interupt my vacation to actually do work.

You can see the rest of the photos here on my facebook account.

Although I love using Flickr, the free, unlimited storage space on Facebook draws me like a magnet.