Monday, October 22, 2007

Notes on the plane

The beauty of having both of us travel regularly for work is that we are less likely of falling into the "marriage trap" of taking the other person's presence for granted.

Our holiday in Japan was so wonderful, it was a real family holiday together and I fall in love with you again as the father of our child. You obviously love being a dad, and our daughter adores all the swinging, Eskimo-kissing, and being tickled to death by you. I was reading that girls are less likely to be in abusive relationships if they grew up with a strong father figure. I have no worries for Sophie on that front, and it is a real blessing.

I used to wonder how people could stay married for 50 years without getting bored. I have an inkling of that answer now. The natural progression of our relationship has not been without its fair share of fights and spats. But it's never reached a point where I ever doubted our love.

It something I am so happy about finding that I wish it for my "still looking" friends *(this kind of love that is, not the husband).


sohcool said...

hi sharon,
i am so happy for you. well said indeed. I'm pretty much in the same situation as you except NO kid. i am also getting used to seb's absence. distance makes the heart grows fonder.....

Michael Low said...

you make me want to cry...anyway, Elena and I are just coming up to our tenth anniversary next year, and I can truly say I understand how you feel. We don't travel as much for our jobs (for which I thank God!), but we do make it a point to NOT take each other for granted by doing silly little things for each other, and our secret is to laugh a lot. It helps that we have a bunch of kids as a Cell group (20 year olds, plus one odd 26 year old..Ash, no prizes for guessing who) to keep us young and enthusiastic.