Friday, July 27, 2012

My baby is looking all grown up!!

Things are falling into place. The weather has even perked up a little and the kids are currently swimming with their grandparents at the beach. We are going to collect them today! My Chinese ayi is preparing the beds that we borrowed for them while our shipment arrives (slowly) and I started looking at how to take the Paris bar exams so I will be very busy soon. But for now, it's the vacation period and nothing is open. I can't even buy textbooks, but that's just as well because I am unlikely to be reading them at the beach anyway! Speaking of studying and school. This is a photo of Sophie on her way to school for a language assessment to determine which class she would be in next year. On her application, we had just listed her nationality as "French" and as Fabien showed up in school, they had just assumed that Sophie's mother tongue was French. So it was a pleasant surprise for the principal (who is English) to find out that she's also fluent in English. Given the school's academic reputation, I am a little nervous about the classes. I wonder if they will do too many things too quickly for Sophie to feel happy about school. We'll find out in a short while I guess.

Friday, July 13, 2012

The wheel has turned and we are back in Paris

Back in Paris with our lovely girls. Fabien is busy working in his new role and I am starting a new life here with the kids. Much excitement and angst, but nothing that some sunshine and ice cream near the Pompidou fountain cannot fix. This photo was taken after a marathon sofa shopping day!