Monday, June 26, 2006

Sophie learns to drive

Sophie is learning to drive! Well, actually, her mother is.

When I was younger, I refused to learn to drive out of a misguided idealism that I would save the environment by NEVER buying one of those fossil fuel burning cars. I have since changed that view (for a multitude of reasons) and I think that you can still love the environment and have a driving licence.

Now, everytime I breastfeed Sophie, I try and learn a couple of road signs (in Italian!) and hopefully I can get my driving licence in Italy ...

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Game for babies

Here's a game for babies!

Show her an interesting toy to contemplate..

move it out of sight, and then let it REAPPEAR!

works like magic

(at least for now)

Will tell you when

It stops working!

Then we'll need some

other ju-ju..

Friday, June 09, 2006

"Man Yue"

We celebrated Sophie's first month yesterday night. It was a bit early because Shaun and Pa were leaving today. We invited some friends at one of our favourite restaurants and Pa bought Sophie a creamy mille foglie cake.

Sophie was amazingly well behaved considering her busy day. She went to a regular 1 month pediatrician check up in the afternoon (during her nap time) and I was worried she might be grumpy but Dr. Merlo said Sophie was really a lovely healthy child who doesn't seem very bothered by all that medical poking and proding.

Happy One Month Sophie! It's been chaotic but we love you!

big wet kiss