Friday, June 09, 2006

"Man Yue"

We celebrated Sophie's first month yesterday night. It was a bit early because Shaun and Pa were leaving today. We invited some friends at one of our favourite restaurants and Pa bought Sophie a creamy mille foglie cake.

Sophie was amazingly well behaved considering her busy day. She went to a regular 1 month pediatrician check up in the afternoon (during her nap time) and I was worried she might be grumpy but Dr. Merlo said Sophie was really a lovely healthy child who doesn't seem very bothered by all that medical poking and proding.

Happy One Month Sophie! It's been chaotic but we love you!

big wet kiss


mini said...

omg has it been a month already?

happy b'day sophie u cutie!!!! **MUAKZ**

zzz... said...

Happy 1st month, Sophie! Won't you just look at the cuuute little darling staring so longingly at the cake! Hee.