Saturday, May 27, 2006

Family Matters

Warning: Graphic Post (if you have very delicate sensibilities and squirm at the mention of breasts and such like, you are invited to skip this post)

Some months before Sophie arrived, Fabien and I discussed our post-natal action plan... I have to admit that as good as our relationship is, I was initially a bit uncomfortable at the idea of Maman (Fabien's mom) coming over to help us out. I don't like people seeing me in discomfort or pain let alone half naked, and I was pretty sure that after the birth at least 2 out of the 3 were high possibilities.

This week, I take it all back. I am SO thankful that Maman was here! She helped us with cooking the meals, grocery shopping etc.. sure we have other great people who provide us wonderful support like Gina who did everything from cooking fishy milk-producing soup to buying the giant sized bras (when said soup does its thang) .. but there is nothing like Maman being on call 24/7.

There is something about childbirth which strips away any illusion of privacy you may have had. It starts from the hospital during labour where it seems like everyone and their neighbour has put their gloved hand up what usually is called private parts of your anatomy - except there's nothing private about it. At the moment, let's just say that my vagina has seen better days, and sitting, standing, or any kind of movement reminds me that something the size of a cantaloupe has recently passed through something usually much smaller than that...

Then there is the fun and joy of breastfeeding which involves fairly complicated manuverings of baby and boob. After being clawed by baby's delightfully long fingernails, masticated thoughtfully whilst baby contemplates life on earth, and sucked on by a pint-sized vaccum pump, my nipples and the surrounding area feel fried. Even contact with my T-shirt is painful, so I try to leave my breasts to air. I have given up on the idea of sparing the neighbours the sight of my 38D milk jugs. In any case, I have to whip them out every 2 hours or so to feed the Ravenous Little Monster.

In case you think life is all bad - it's not.

At least I have time to blog this, to keep me sane!

UPDATE of 30 May 2006 -
We've got loot! Thanks to Shaun (the post box) and my parents who lugged it over:
the Boppy Pillow, the Sassy Mirror, a musical mobile, and books! The v. hungry caterpillar, But not the Hippopotamus, Katie meets the impressionists, and Carnival of the animals!



Sprog Mamma said...

So glad that you are getting some help, I can't wait until my mom comes to visit and help me too.

darcie said...

Oh, it's all coming back to me! Don't worry, it does get better. :) Hope you're having fun and congrats to you both... you're very lucky (as is Sophie!)