Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Reality is trickling in...

OMG.. We are having a kid!

Sometimes the reality doesn't quite sink in. I have these phases from being completely over-prepared (with long lists plans etc..) to this vague disconected from this all feeling.

I think that (apart from a couple of food poisoning nasties) I have been really pretty healthy all through pregnancy. So there's no real feeling of wanting all this to end yet..

Then again, I CAN'T WAIT to see whether we have a girl or boy. I think we did a smart thing by telling our doctor not to tell us the sex of our kid, because the 9 months just sped by and now we are going to know for sure!

prettty cool that.

**Post Script on 4 May 2005 - We had a medical appointment today, and we are told that our kid is 3.5 kilos and still growing - phew!


kathryn said...

Hey really excited for you! Your life is gonna change bigtime - a real good change though =)=) Be a happy, funky, hip MUM!

mini said...

3.5kg? it's a boy ! it's a boy! :))