Friday, May 19, 2006

Sophie's World

This is me and my trusty sidekick - Olga. We're plotting to take over the world.
But we'll need some equipment. They don't do nuclear reactors on e-bay, but this is my
Amazon Wish List

My Mommy is collecting the book "Sophie's World" by Jostein Gardner in as many languages as possible - she'd be happy if you can help her out!

You can send it to our address:
Sophie Thibault, Via San Massimo 53, Turin 10123, Italy.

UPDATE as at 9 August 06 - we currently have "il mondo de Sophie"(Italian) and Soffin Svet" (Czech) "Sophie's World (Chinese - traditional script)" "De Wereld van Sophie (Dutch)" We need to get it in as many languages as we have people to want to read it to us

Now for a nap. Plotting World Domination is so exhausting...


~e~ said...

helloz... we tried granting some of Sophie's wishes, but Amazon doesn't seem to ship to Torino... Mebbe can try putting the wishlist on amazon UK instead?

Kelvin said...

Sophie should expect a Chinese edition in the mail soon. Mommy's gonna have a fun time reading it to Sophie though ... its in traditional script.