Thursday, May 04, 2006

Robby refuses to sell eggs

I just came back from the market (yep I am still trying to walk around and keep active despite stopping work), and I am chuckling over what just happened.

Robby - the guy I normally buy my parma ham, cheese and eggs from, just refused to sell me some eggs. You see, I stopped eating cured meats from him because I only can eat salami and other uncooked meats from the more expensive but higher quality butcher during pregnancy. But I do still buy eggs from him.

So I went and asked for six eggs from Robby and he refused to sell them to me. The reason, he explained was because they were not fresh enough, and he didn't want to sell them to a pregnant woman. If he were to sell them to other people, he would just explain they would have to be consumed before this weekend, but he flatly refused to sell them to me on the basis of his ethical principles!

Since I come from a culture which is a mix of caveat emptor/laissez faire capitalism, and sharp chinese money-making dealing, the principles of this guy in the market place was really quite impressive to me.


mini said...

oh my what a sweet guy!!! i am all for supporting the local shops for that reason..wish there were more around here.

mini said...

ps. yay your comments are working :)