Sunday, May 21, 2006

Pretty in Pink

Okay - we didn't find out the sex of our kid by ultrasound before the birth for 2 reasons. Firstly, the key thought to get me through labour was that I NEED to find out whether we got a girl or boy, and secondly, we could get nice unisex presents which we could (possibly) recycle for our other kids.

Nah... scratch that. Whilst the first reason was really useful for my long and exhausting labour, the second one got out-foxed by most of our friends. They WAITED untill they knew we had a girl, and then... voila! everything comes in pink...

Heheheh - but who's complaining? Sophie is delighted with her pink collection and I have started dressing the part!



mini said...

lol that's alot of peeenk!

dewberry said...

sophie looks like she's even dreaming in pink... what a sweet picture! glad to hear that mommy and baby are doing so well... lots of love from dewberry!