Saturday, March 03, 2007

more self-feeding

Yes she does feed herself, but this is the aftermath. In case you are wondering what colour the chair usually is, the answer is - white. I enlarged this picture so you can check out the crud on her hands but she is actually using a feeding spoon. If you think this is bad, wait till you look at the floor.

I am trying to record more photos of Sophie's daily life for Fabien. The poor man is just working 24/7 because his customers are nut-jobs. I told him it makes no difference whether he is in Chang Chun or Beijing because we don't see him anyway. He leaves the house at 5:00am and returns home at 11 or 12 midnight. My poor darling. If they work him like an investment banker why don't they pay him like one, at least I can deal with it if I can retail therapy away the fact that i miss him madly!


rene said...

OMG! good to know this is to come for me! Hope it gets better for fabien in terms of hours.. must be difficult to not be able to spend more time with Sophie at this age.

mini said...

how can such a cute little baby make such a huge mess???? *eeeps*

Sprog Mamma said...

She is getting cuter and longer/taller as the weeks and months wear on. She is really filling out and looking like a little toddler. Is she using chop sticks yet? ha ha