Thursday, March 15, 2007

I need a vacation!

We are settling in pretty well over here, except there's been a small glitch - our shipment hasn't arrived yet! All our clothes, personal effects, Sophie's toys and our books, and cutlery and crockery are still making their way over from Italy. I want to wring some Italian's neck.

So my life has been a steady drip-feed of buying random things on a need to have basis. And finding out from the STUPID shipping company where are stuff is. and how to get some compensation from the idiots. The wretched thing is that the contract is signed between Fab's company and the shipper, so we have no idea what the penalty clauses are for delay.

Anyway. Fabien is still working crazy hours so we are kinda missing him like mad sometimes. Lucky I have a new best friend here - Julia. We get along like a house on fire. I am hosting a Mom's club playgroup at my house tommorrow (despite aforesaid crockery shortage). I just called a caterer. Despite having a million admin things to do, have signed up to host barbarian horde of toddlers in appartment (somebody please hit me hard on the head with a frozen mackerel).

I NEED a vacation

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