Friday, March 02, 2007

Singapore firsts

Self feeding
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Sophie went to Singapore for the first time between 16 to 28 Feb 07. We had an awesome time staying with Darcie, Joel and Ella, and Sophie enjoyed living in close proximity to the SUPER cute and clever little Ella girl (and chewing all her toys).

I've been so lax in recording Sophie's milestones that I am sure I'll regret that in 30 years when Sophie has her first kid and asks me "Mom, how old was I when I [insert activity]" So here are a couple of Sophie Firsts in Singapore:

1) First Swim in outdoor swiming pool at Villa Marina - Thank you Ella for your wetsuit and super bright orange float (we'll wait for photos in Darcie's camera)

2) First Banana All By Herself (except some help with the peeling part, she got most of the banana-eating mechanics figured out). As you can see from the shot above, she spent alot of time in Ella's feeding chair figuring out how to put stuff in her mouth with a spoon. She actually got pretty good in Singapore so it mostly goes to her mouth, though lots still ends in her hair/clothes/chair/surrounding floor area

3) First association of hand-clapping with compliments (e.g. "clever girl"! usually starts her off on applauding herself) Hey, I have a little narcissicist...

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rene said...

so cute! I love how she holds the spoon (which looks enormous in her hands) to her mouth!