Friday, April 06, 2007

Month 4 Madness

Month 4 was a real busy time for Sophie. If she had a palm pilot, her planner would have looked something like this:

1) Get Baptised in Lille
2) Holiday in Hardelot
- good place to learn to roll
3) Wedding in Troyes - show promise as a budding oenophile:

4 month old Travelling involved mostly car-rides because it offers the greatest flexibility. Toys to entertain her with when she gets bored. Breast-feeding clothes and a shawl for Mom for (discreet!) whip-them-out-anytime snacking. Some of her Cds to listen to in the car (like Baby Beluga from Auntie Gina!) and updating all the songs in Dad's iPod to make sure he doesn't go nuts listening to said Baby Beluga.

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rene said...

OMG! Baby Beluga is Lucas' fave song at the moment!