Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Thar she GROWS!!!

Our shipment from Italy came in, and just for fun, we put Sophie into the little rocker seat which she used to occupy. We are giving this seat to one of our neighbours who is currently 38 weeks pregnant with their first baby, so we are pretty excited for them, and we get to vicariously re-live the entire experience. I think they don't quite believe me when I keep telling them that the year will fly by so quickly they need to record it or else they will miss it.

Anyway, I can't believe her whole body used to fit into this seat.

This is her at almost 4 months old in Hardelot and we called her our baby mammoth (boy we didn't know what we were in for in terms of Growth Spurts) ...


Laetitia's mummy said...

WOW. How many teeth does our little Sophie has?

And I love love love that video of her calling her papa.

Sprog Mamma said...

Wow, she is growing by leaps and bounds. She has a ton of teeth. V has none yet and she is 6 months old. Little Sophie is adorable, she is so lucky to have time with grandma and grandpa. Tell them we said hello.