Saturday, April 21, 2007

Predicted Death of a Blog

I met my boss today at the supermarket (yes, I signed the contract, and now will go back to work for Big Law Firm on 16 May). He's the big bossman of us all. But Beijing is kinda small in the expat world because there are just so many places you can go to get groceries.

This is my personal blog. But still, Beijing is just so tiny (when it comes to these things), and now that the days as a SAHM who can say whatever she thinks (and has time to think!) are exteremly numbered. But to have to self-censor (to some degree) really cramps the blog writing.

I predict that my blog will die when I start working again. Because (from past experience) I know I will have precious free time, and when I do, all I will really want to do is b*tch about work, and that's really neither discreet nor constructive.

It won't be melodramatic, but it will just fade away quietly from post to post. And then after a really long time. Silence.

Unless and until the next major milestone of my daughter, or we have (OMG!) another little Murphy. Then it'll heat up again I guess.


Laurie said...

Hey girl. I assume you know the Petite Anglaise blog and her story...?? If not check it out.....famous fight with workplace which fired her for she is about to be famous and PUBLISHED!!!

sending love to you, F, and my the little sprite!

rene said...

Way to go gal! Brave step but I am sure you will do great in being fulfilled in 2 roles of being a mother and a careerwoman at the same time! Will MISS U on the blog!

mini said...

I'm going to miss the antics of little sophie ...don't leave us in the dark!

ps. with the new blogger ...u can make your blog accessible only to friends ... :)

B.Karen Goh MM said...

Talk about death of a blog.... sounds like where my blog is heading! Haven't got the time to update my blog in recent weeks due to crazy things happening at work and with house hunting. Figured out spending time with the kids should take priority over sitting in front of PC blogging how you spent time with them!