Monday, April 16, 2007

My little Product Tester

The people who use Sophie's toys the most - her nanny and her mommy are getting bored of her current collection... So I have been surfing to find some cool toys. I'm having the discussion here on my blog because there are primarily 2 categories of friends I am addressing.

(A) Those with kids who are older than Sophie, please feel free to comment and share your feedback on what worked for you.


(B) Those who don't (yet) have children or whose kids are younger than Sophie, I will share some of my toy experiences and either enthuse wildly or rubbish them based on our (entirely subjective!) experience. Heed at your own peril!

1) Wooden Puzzle

2) Ball maze

3) Little People stuff

Items (1) and (2) are because I think wooden toys are less environmentally destructive. Sophie currently has a music making set from HABA which she really enjoys. Though for practical purposes all that plastic we currently use is just easier to clean (saving water, detergent and time!). (3) is because she loves her Little People animal train, as you can see ...

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