Monday, April 23, 2007

Make this a private blog?

Regarding my musings about going back to work.

I read about La petite Anglaise (thanks Laurie!) who was sacked for blogging, won a lawsuit against her ex-employers, and landed a sweet book deal. But I ain't her!

So Mini suggested something interesting.

To make this a private blog restricted to friends/family invited to read it.

What do you guys think? if I made it "by invite only" would you sign in to read it?


Laurie said...

yes ma'am

sohcool said...

Hi S*,
I read your blog very often and I do not see any sensitive info that can get you sacked. Furthermore, you are not working yet.
So don't keep it private.

Xavier said...
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Xavier said...

Yes, I would sign-in to read it.

Peter said...

I keep wondering about this a lot ofr our blog ... not for being sacked ... more for like whe our kids are grown and other mean kids find the blog and show potty pics and other kid pics (while cute, but you know how kids are) or tantrum videos ...

The problem I see .. is .. when you make the blog private ... would you still write it the same way ??? it is like a book you are writing, but what if you knew it is only for the 20 - 50 people you call friends and family ... i think that would change my style ... and the occasional surprise visitor is fun too ... (i think that way I actually met quite some co-bloggers and bloggerines) ... so .. i think we are treading in new terratory and you should be safe keeping it public ... my 2c

mini said...

u know i would :D

i wonder if blogger allows you to make certain posts private ....that might allow for more flexibility

rene said...

of course!

zzz... said...

of course i would sign in to read. sophie's getting prettier every day; it's a joy watching her grow up (albeit vicariously). and, well, this blog is the only way by which i find out what you and fab are up to, halfway around the world! :)

Fioleta said...

I would, if you invite non-friends/non-family as I greatly enjoy reading your blog.

Anonymous said...

hi sharon,

yes i would!

in case u are wondering, it's jen from s'pore :p