Monday, April 02, 2007

The stone's throw away

One of the major benefits about living in Beijing is that we are just a short flight away from Seoul where my parents are. My parents figured that I could use a break (from being a single parent) so they jetted in this weekend to spoil their grand-daughter and give me some time to spend by myself, safe in the knowledge that Sophie is in safe hands.

I hibernated (a break from 6:30am wake up times = heaven) this weekend, and when I stumbled out of my bedroom I saw this lovely sight - grand-dad and grand-daughter playing at our bar-top counter whilst waiting for my mom to fix breakfast. Had enough presence of mind to grab a camera to capture the moment to show my husband-in-absentia.

The sad thing is, even though I was supposed to have time to go shopping for clothes this weekend, I spent it buying more crap for Sophie!

Just to complete the "childcare center" look in my house, I bought these interlocking foam pieces to pad the floor for my highly mobile baby. I had no choice. Earlier this week, she freaked me out by standing for some time ALL by herself (without holding onto anything). This normally wouldn't have fazed me, but she was standing on the sofa.

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rene said...

aw..that's such a sweet spontaneous capture..