Sunday, July 29, 2007

Qing Dao

We went to Qing Dao this weekend.

Where I found out that Sophie is really really into imitating her parents. She copied us regularly before, but this felt like life in a goldfish bowl. To see my every action mirrored by this tiny being fills me with an alternating sense of wonder (how did we produce something so exquisitely beautiful?) and fear (what if we mess it up?!).

Fabien's reaction was somewhat more prosaic.

He managed to use her great learning curve to teach her all kinds of nonsense.

Like how to pretend to open a can of beer and go "gluguguggu" and then say "aaaaahhh", or else make really stupid noises (my daughter can now make fart-noises from C major to A minor), or else bonk her head with an empty mineral water bottle (I swear - I am not making this up!).

I saw him and Sophie taking turns to take a bottle and clonk themselves on the head - it cracked me up, but I told Fab that maybe she could have found a cure for AIDS, and now she will always be a couple of brain cells short, it would be all because her dad taught her to hit herself over the head with an empty plastic bottle..

Anyways, here she is with her mini bottles of Qing Dao. Looking very satisfied with herself, in the middle of saying "aaahhhh"

We had some problems getting her to sleep on Friday night. We thought it was perhaps the new hotel room. The next morning when she opened her mouth, we saw IT. If you look closely at her lower left jaw, you will see a new pre-molar poking through the gum.

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mini said...

omg i need to see a video of that!!! lol

ps. made an impromptu trip to beijing for the weekend. but saw that you guys were heading to qingdao.ah well will have to meet up next time. more reason to go back eh? ;-)