Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Shakespeare and Salmon

Fabien and me are thinking of a long weekend in Singapore. I really really really wanted to watch Ian Mckellan's King Lear, but I just checked the website, and ALL the ticketes for next Saturday night are sold out (why am I not surprised?)

It's summer here and everyone is going to be on long long vacations. Except me because I am going to be on a long vacation this winter, and since I just started work, I cannot in good conscience take both summer and winter breaks, especially in such a small office.

Sophie had a lunch date at Morel's with her parents yesterday. Sophie's salmon steak was obtained through the usual wrestles with the Chinese service staff mentality because the menu listed pan fried salmon in some kind of creamy sauce, and the exchange with the waiter went something like this:

"can you make this salmon steamed not fried, and put the sauce on the side?"
"no sorry, everything on the menu is fixed, if you want something for your kid, you can have the kid's menu"
"why can't you steam the salmon? I thought your advertising is that you cook food from scratch? Is it pre-fabricated food that you just microwave?"
"yes, but the chef will not be able to do it"

At this point the chef comes out, the waiter explains to him what this crazy lady wants, and the chef says "hey - not a problem! more than happy to".


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