Sunday, July 08, 2007

Art weekend

This week I was in Shanghai for work, preparing a proposal round the clock. You know it's busy when all your meals are either room service (because you just want to eat and go to sleep), or take-out delivered to our office.

I actually enjoy travelling for work. Of course I miss my husband and baby, but it only makes our reunions sweeter, and some how increases the intensity of the times we spend together because you don't take anything for granted.

Yesterday we took Sophie to Da Shan Zi - the art gallery district in Beijing, and it is gorgeous! It is a whole series of different galleries located in an old industrial area of Beijing. All the factory and ware-house spaces are converted to hold paintings, sculptures, ceramics, calligraphy, photos, cool books and quaint cafes. You could get lost in the district for hours and hours.

We explored a couple of modern art galleries, and then stumbled on a great photo exhibition for the Asia Photo Awards, and spent the better part of the afternoon there before coming home to put Sophie to sleep before Fab and I went for our date-night (where Fab made a new rule - we are not allowed to discuss Sophie OR work).

I have a confession to make. I don't "get" modern art.

So for me to really get my Art fix, today we are going to the Titan to Goya exhibition at the Beijing Fine Arts museum. They have a huge loan of about 35 paintings from the Prado, so we figure it is cheaper than flying to Spain. I need all the relaxation I can get because I am (deep down inside) stressing alot about this proposal. It is the first substantive pitch I have run since I joined and I really really want to win this client.

It feels like another baby. I think we will find out by the end of this month if we got this. I think I can never ever be a good Buddhist. The results will leave me either crushed or elated. I am just too much attached to Samsara.

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mini said...

me too. but they say tag it ..and let it float away ;)

in any case, good luck! hope you'll win the client. will keep my fingers crossed for u