Monday, July 02, 2007

princess skin and sweet blood

We went to the Fragrant Hills (香山) yesterday. It's a pretty park and the best description seems to be by my husband the poet:
"This is like the Côte d'Azur"
"Yes, but you have to have more of these tough looking trees, more rocks, more sand and be able to smell the salt from the sea everywhere. But other than that, it's exactly the Cote D' Azur"
It was a really pleasant hike and we took Sophie with us in the baby carrier. She can walk, but we figured that dirt trails may be a bit ambitious.

After spraying her with bio-friendly citronella mozzie spray and covering her with sunblock, giving her a hat, long sleeve cotton shirts and long pants, she still managed to get both bitten and burnt ... on her FINGERS. Since she still sticks them into her nose/eyes/mouth quite regularly, of course we ommitted putting chemicals on her hands. But this is amazing.

She really has pale snow-princess skin. Forget even getting a tan. If I can put her somewhere close to some form of UV without her burning I'd be quite happy.

Maybe she's actually a goth.


Sprog Mamma said...

We went to the beach today and stayed out all day for the 4th of July. Deme and Giordano went on the boat and Veronica stayed with me on the shore. After 5 hours outside, she did not burn at all. I smothered her with sunscreen and I was the one who got red. Ugh!

jeannie said...

she's going to be a babe - and you're going to think twice about the goth thing once she hits the teens! how're the puppeteer, french teacher and kindermusik classes coming along?