Friday, July 13, 2007

Client reverted

They want us! They were impressed with our report (blood sweat and tears in evidence), and they would like to give us the job.

There's only one, itsy bitsy problem. I am sure you can guess.

They think we are expensive. Expensive?!! We are BLOODY GOOD value for money I'd like to say. But obviously now that the hard part has been done, and we have given them the answer, they can get some lousy 2 bit law firm to execute the whole thing for them.

Boss told me it's basically my call. I can quote them a price, but just make sure the firm is not losing money on this. I feel like a real grown up now. Now... What kind of discount should I give on what is essentially my first client within the firm? Given that there will be other lawyers who will be assisting on this from time to time, I am not too keen to slash their rates either, but if I chop my own rate too much, that is an unhealthy precedent...

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Michael Low said...

Don't do it! Stick to your guns...the argument I always used to run was, you go and see your doctor, he gives you medicine, you don't quibble with his bill. What makes us lawyers any less professional? Having said that, we were liti lawyers in our previous life, so fees came after you solved the client's problems...might not be so in this case, I guess. Not much help am I? but whaddya expect...its Friday afternoon.