Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Weekend and Shots

Tju Liang - an old law school friend came by this weekend. We went to a disapointing art exhibition, but made up for it with mussels at Morels and fantastic Persian food at Rumi. Saturday night was spent playing pool and drank not-very-chilled champagne. Tju Liang and Fabien had to try VERY hard to let me win at 9-ball. They almost succeeded, but I guess there are just some people with negative ball-sense. Who says chivalry is dead?

It was important to have a chill-weekend because this week is a mad juggle of work and domestic life.

Sophie went for a 14 month checkup yesterday with both her parents. She (and all the other kids at the clinic) are there with the full entourage - 2 parents, one ayi. She had 2 shots - MMR and varicella in the thigh. I think that is one of the sucky bits of being a parent is having to hold down your increasingly strong toddler while she screams. I think I got the hard bit because Fabien held her whilst she had her first shot, and I held her when she had her second shot, and she already KNEW what was coming and was struggling and shaking her head and saying noononononoo... I really wonder if all these vaccinations are necessary? Except for the fact that many schools require it before you register, and there is of course no way I can give her all these shots in one go before she goes to school, I guess it is best to spread it all out, so that Sophie's parents can be traumatised on a regular basis! In a wierd way, it's very bonding for Fab and me. Common suffering and all.

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Fioleta said...

poor babe, poor parents. Hope she was ok afterwards.