Thursday, July 12, 2007

Great help

What truly made my day today was this email from Sophie's kindermusik teacher. This email extract is part of a longer update to a working mom as to how Sophie's classes are going:

Sophie was full of smiles today, interested in the instruments we explored today (resonator bar, drum, shakers and bells) and was very comfortable with the other children. She responded to her name, and helped clean up instruments after the activities were done. Sophie responds to both English and Chinese, and has never been upset in the 3 weeks she has come to class. On a more basic care level, she is always clean and well dress, and seems very content when she arrives! She is happy to see me, and very pleased to be with your ayi. She does not wander about the room or act out in anyway. Is she always so content? ;)

I honestly think that Sophie is thriving during her Kindermusik class, and your ayi is one of the kindest and understanding of children and their needs that I have met. She was the first to arrive today and the only person to arrive before 4pm. She allowed and encouraged Sophie to explore and play freely, participated in all of the dances and activites fully, and they both seemed to be having a great time. Too often I see the ayi try and make the child do activities the so-called right way or the same way that I am, but she doesn't! What a refreshing approach!

It really made my day. I'm pleased with my Morning Ayi. My afternoon one is not as good, but we are working on changing that. Still I am so pleased about this. It really makes me relieved even when I am not around at home. Just as a continuation to my Work/Life/Balance post, I think that apart from my husband who is incredibly supportive of me working (and at times egging me on when I have second thoughts about leaving Sophie at home), I think you also really need to be happy with whoever you leave your kid with. I cannot say that about Afternoon Ayi, but Morning Ayi has to count as one of my better hiring decisions. Nobody can really tell I think how the nanny will turn out, but over time, and through 3rd party observations, you will get a reasonably balanced view.


DC said...

I think Sophie will benefit most from a happy/intellectually-stimulated mother!!

Although, according to friends who were raised by nannies, they often wished that *one* parent at least, made the effort to be home with them after school... I didn't have nannies (although my Grandparents were always around), so I really can't comment on that front.

However, as an adult, I often wish that my Mother had continued to work in some capacity, away from home. Her Universe is small... consequently I am always conscious of a growing gap between us.

A balance is definitely needed - you should persevere! You're doing the right thing by Sophie - in the long run. :-)

rene said...

That's really great that you can be assured of good care for Sophie whilst you are at work. I think this is the hardest part about leaving the baby and going back to work..would someone else's care be good enough etcetc. I am so happy for you, sounds like you have found reasonable balance work/baby! Well done!

Xavier said...

My mum once told me she had empirically noticed that in a household where the mother somehow works outside, the daughter(s) do better in school.
Presumably, the psychological pathway is that the daughter "gets" that marrying Mr.Right is not enough to survive...