Monday, July 09, 2007

I really REALLY need a camera

Some updates on Sophie just so that the grand-parents are kept informed, with the promise of photos and videos to follow.

She's a real toddler now, and she's walking pretty well, though she loves wallking in between her parents holding on to their hands.

She loves her Kindermusik class, and her teacher tells me that she shows a remarkable sense of rhythm and music-sense. I know that during her first class (when I was there with her) the teacher (without any other instruction or indication) first showed them a xylophone and the sticks, and though all the other kids were curious, they looked at it, touched it or tried to bite it, but Sophie was the only kid who stared very hard at the instrument and then picked up the stick and started hitting it and grinning when it made the right sounds. I think that the fact that she did it all without any prompting is remarkable enough to give me some kind of bragging rights!

She signs well (when she wants to!) and will sign "thank you" and "water", "bye bye" "milk", and "down" (when she wants to come out of her feeding chair. Oh yes, my Tripp Trapp finally arrived, and we are really happy with it.

Apart from Mama and Papa and Wowwow (dog), she can say "bye bye" (together with the hand wave), "baby" (pointing at other children) and "allo?" (into the telephone). And the rest of the babbling we have not really figured out yet, but we are working on it.

So I am recording all this stuff so that I am remembering it all in a few years time when we cannot shut her up!


sky said...

"`allo" ??? --- she's very french!

Anonymous said...

What's keeping you from going out there and getting a new digi cam for yourself?????