Tuesday, October 24, 2006

We are going Off Line for a while

My poor little Apple ibook is sick.

I need to take her to the doctor at the Apple Store.

Full Blogging service will resume when we either (1) give in to temptation and buy a new macbook or (2) the IT service restores the computer to full health.

It is a pretty old machine (2 years) which we got for our wedding in Singapore (on our wedding wish list) together with the i-pod (which still works fine).



mini said...

wow has it been 2 years already?

ps. my macbook is sick too.. rss grrrrr. and at such a young age. she's at the hospital now (see my blog) =(

zzz... said...

Hmm.. I have had tons of problems with my Powerbook too.
Changed the keyboard 2 times (some keys kept getting stuck)
Changed the motherboard once (turns out that the keys getting stuck wasn't a keyboard problem; it was a motherboard problem).
Just got my battery recalled and replaced.
Changed my charger once (there is a funny story attached to that. my charger stopped working so I took it to the apple shop. they plugged my charger into their in-store power socket to test the charger.. and fried their own power socket. turns out that i had a homicidal charger.)
If it makes anybody feel better, because of all the above defects, I have been deprived of my Powerbook for much much longer than a couple of weeks.
And yet, strangely, I am still very attached to my Powerbook... (and no, last i checked, i don't have 'Sucker' written on my forehead..)