Monday, October 16, 2006

Hello, Technical Assistance?

My lovely friend Josephine did this for Sophie. She's the talented mummy of Baby Lisa and Lil Sharlyn By the way, on a housekeeping point - all the little baby friends (and their mums!) of Sophie are blogrolled at our other website - chez thibault

Anyway, Josephine gave me a whole bunch of instructions to use adobe photoshop as an editing tool. Which I am sooo trying to figure out, having downloaded the 30 day trial version online.

But it is a diff version from the one in her instructions, and man I suck so big time. I can't even figure out how to start! Can someone brave and more technologically literate gimme a leg-up?!!

Well - strike out "photo editor" as one of my career options!!


Peter said...

Ha .. i guess being a DAD with a kid excludes me from the blogroll .. or just the fact that we have not met yet :)

Anyways .. i'd be more than happy to show you around photo shop ... took me a while myself ... I used to use Paintshop Pro on a PC before ... when I then switched to Photoshop .. that was hell .. but i think I manage now ..

mini said...

will send you some tips next week when i make it out of the *#@# hole...

zzz... said...

OOoh. Nude photos! :)