Saturday, October 14, 2006

Feeling the stress

I am getting distressed with our impending move to China. Apart from the zillion admin issues to deal with (get vaccinations for Sophie and me, get driving licence, pack etc..) We need to start saying goodbye to all our friends as well. Instead of a great big leaving party where we end up talking to people like 5 minutes each, I am trying to spend quality time with individual friends. But it is exhausting. Maybe I will just give up and meet everyone once in a big party - but that requires planning and organizing, which is a palaver...

Maybe Sophie has been picking up on all this stress vibe from me.

She has been napping atrociously this past few days. Usually her morning and noon naps happen automatically when I put her in bed (i.e. with no protest crying) but she has been making grumpy noises in her bed for the past 15 minutes now, and seems like she will go into full scale wailing soon. Maybe she misses her Papa (like I do).

Anyway, when we are feeling the heat, all the more we need silly photos like this one.

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