Monday, October 30, 2006

Date Night Instructions

We love weekends. Long langourous lunches. Visiting friends, walking in the park. This Saturday was our date night - making for an extra special weekend.

Here is how it works:

- Leave wookie with trusted babysitter
- Get gussied up
- walk (not drive) to restaurant, so that you can share a bottle (or 2) of wine instead of those sucky little small carafes.
- Have an apperetivo with friends with anything white, light and sparkly
- Then go out to dinner in your own little two person universe
- Let people compliment you on what a cute couple you are (even if they are just hoping for a tip)
- Open a kitty on the table. Anyone who mentions the kiddo/household mundania has to put a euro in. Do whatever you like with the money afterwards (buy dessert, give to charity, buy another bottle of wine - list is limited only by your imagination)
- Talk instead about anything abstract - tribal art, philosophy of friendship, economics of cows, and how they all relate to sex (only after half the aforementioned nice bottle of wine)
- Linger over coffee and desert
- Walk the long way back holding hands, and stopping to kiss at traffic crossings (even if there are no cars)

No photos. (We were too busy being young and passionate).

The floating, dreamy squishy feeling lasts all the way into the week.

Even a dreary rainy Monday morning can't do anything to quench it.


zzz... said...

Economics of cows, and how they all relate to sex?? Mooo-vellous topic! :D

Momto5 said...

Very nice!

Hi S* this is momto5 from life@riang, linking back to you on yr blog. Thanks for offer. We love italy and think you're really lucky to live there!

S* said...

Thanks momto5!

Our skype and email addresses are on this blog, so if you would like to know anything (from a uniquely Singapore perspective) about what we've seen of Italy, do get in touch!

Long live vacations!

mini said...

sounds nice! we need to do more of that. less work talk and whining from me :) ..will reserve that for therapy sessions hehe

Michael Low said...

Good recipe for keeping the marriage warm cuddly and in all round good health. Its amazing how many couples forget to take time out for themselves after the kids come along! Good for you both!