Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Oh yes - Mini's Meme...

Sorry - we are late on this post. I realised I had promised to do it (and did!) but saved it but never got back round to publishing it. Suddenly thought about it when writing my Love Thursday tag, so here goes...

10 things about me, 10 years ago:

1) I was wearing a school uniform which was grey, ugly and almost waterproof ( now I wear the standard mommy uniform of jeans covered with dog fur, scummy t-shirt which can be washed easily)
2) I was utterly and completely convinced that I would grow up to be a lawyer (hahahahaha)
3) I was a Christian. I still am a Christian who thinks God is loving and wonderful but I agree with Karen- "his PR people need to up their game".
4) Beverly Hills 90210 and ER was on TV - The OC and Grey's anatomy is kinda like that.
5) We were still watching Eddie Murphy Beverly Hills Cop - now we watch him reinvented as a talking donkey in Shrek
6) I carried a pager which I lost regularly. I now have a mobile phone, which I have not lost ever since I stopped working as a lawyer (at some subconcious level, I just didn't want to be contacted)
7) I listened to a lot of U2. They are alive and rocking.
8) I also listened to Miles Davies and Leslie Cheung. They are dead.
9) I thought the institution of marriage was going the way of the dodo.
10) And I would not have children....


Peter in Turin said...

I don't really do memes and tags on my blog (though I am working on the homework you gave me for thrusday) .. i rather reply in comments :) and this is a fun thing .. lets see .. 10 years ago

1) I visited the US for the very first time in 1996 ... and decided on the spot that I want to live there (which came true 1 year later)
2) I had sushi for the first time (though that wasabi was some sweet pistaccio based cream) and since fell in love with all things Japanese (including my wife)
3) The internet was new and blazing and I had online pen pals and I played Duke Nukem 3d ... with cheat codes
4) I listened to a lot of Pizzicato 5 and still do .. I eventually met them in person in 1997
5) I still liked Prince
6) I still lived in Germany and have not since then
7) My payama collection was at a mere 100 ... which would drastically change thanks to century 21 in NY
8) I was a member of video circulation rings for Star Trek and X-Files episodes .. back then, living in the non-US, you had to wait at least a year for a dubbed version of TV shows. Or you got them on VHS .. somehow
9) I had no idea where the Fiji islands were .. or that I would live there some day
10) After having worked 1 year in a kindergarten I was convinced that I am the last person on the planet to ever have children

Peter in Turin said...

oh .. and 11) .. i had never ever celebrated halloween !!! HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE !!!!

mini said...

thanks for sharing! now where does the dog fur come from? hehe

S* said...

Thanks Peter! Happy Halloween to you to. Mini - Dog fur comes from hanging around my friends' dogs with identity crises. They think they are cats, and like to rub their heads on your trouser leg instead of trying to hump it (like a proper dog).

Michael Low said...

Wow...that's some list..I hesitate to think about it because it will make me feel old...here's mine:
1. I was on the verge of graduating from law school and going out into the big bad world and fighting for justice and all that was right;
2. I was planning my wedding, having just proposed to only ex-girlfriend (who is now my wife of 8 years);
3. Manchester United won the double (FA Cup and Premiership) for the 2nd time;
4. I was a Christian and still am, by the grace of God. God is perfect, but His people are not...but thank God we are all works in progress!
5. I'd just started scuba diving;
6. We were dreaming of getting a dog;
7. I never thought I'd do a triathlon or run a quarter marathon;
8. I would have laughed at you if you'd told me I'd be a banker in 10 years;
9. We decided that we were not having kids..still aren't!
10.We were thinking of our dream home without much idea of what it was...we've now learnt that it is wherever we are together...

thanks for initiating this; definitely a good exercise in reminding us to be thankful for what we have!