Sunday, July 20, 2008

We can't move because of these playgrounds

It's summer now, and Sophie spends a whole lot of time outdoors playing. The one thing I really like about the Beijing olympics is that the air quality is really great. The city has shut down every single pollutive industry and suspended all construction, so we get a lot of blue sky.

This is the view from Sophie's bedroom. She looks into the playground, and even if she's gone on the swings/slides/trampoline/sand pit 100000000 times, there's always room for one more time. It's an established part of her daily routine, and she plays with her little friends at least 4 hours a day, and comes home with alot of stories about what everyone did today at the playground (including all the dogs, whom she knows by name). She needs to look out of the window every evening and say "good night playground, see you tomorrow".

We can't move house. Our kid loves the indoor and outdoor playgrounds where we stay.

She first learned to swing in our indoor playground. I was surprised at how well she did this. Our munchkin is growing so fast...

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