Friday, July 18, 2008

Living with a little imperfection

A big kiss to my friends who have made comments or emailed me to ask about my "perfect storm" week this week.

When I re-read it, I actually noticed a couple of typo errors in the earlier blog-post. But I have decided that I can live with some imperfection in my life. Some random anecdote that occured to me was about certain weavers, who deliberately miss a knot before they finish a carpet, because only God has the right to intend to create perfection.

It's not always easy for control freak personalities like me. But heck it is a personal blog, and I have decided it is a good exercise in self-control to STOP myself from going back and editing and correcting every single typo in back entries. I will proof-read of course, but if it is not grossly misleading I think I will have to teach myself to learn to live with imperfection.

I recently created a list of 30 things to do in my 30th year of life, and one of these was to "be a little more accepting of flaws in myself and others". Of course, that in no way means I give up trying to change things which I do not like, but it's about learning to live in an equilibrium.

Other more random things on the list include No. 17 - "get enough thigh and calf muscles to ride without a saddle" and No. 23 - "play a complete piano piece that I like, without looking at the score".

The problem with No. 23 is that I cannot decide which piano piece I like enough to memorise, but I think I will do that this autumn when I start my maternity leave.

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