Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thank you !

My friends are wonderful people! Big kisses to SKY for sending me a maternity belt. I'm feeling much better just thinking about it already. I am checking the mail for some instant orthopedic relief !!

And yes, for those of you who want to see - there are some more photos of us in Bali.

On this link

and our friend's Mehndi Ceremony

and the Tanah Lot temple

It was a fantastic holiday and a gorgeous beach front wedding, and we're really re-charged and re-freshed and ready to handle the madness that is the Beijing Olympics.

I think to a great deal of ordinary Beijing residents, they are on the one hand really proud to be a host city, but on the other hand, annoyed by the hassle and inconvenience it causes. Unless of course they are actually going to make money out of it.


Sky said...

the pictures are so beautiful!!!!!

the bride is so beautiful, sophie is such a sweetie and your belly(!!!) so cute :)

okay, i'll stop gushing now ... and you thanked me enough, it's really 举手之勞 :)

Anonymous said...

photo 14 of the Bali collection is priceless. :-)