Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Always take the weather with you

I left Bali last night at 8pm and took the overnight flight to Beijing from Singapore - the office driver picked me up from the airport at 7:30am today. He told me that since we left to go on holiday, it has been raining and foggy in Beijing, and only today the sun is back. He wanted to know whether we took the sun to Bali with us?

The funny thing is that, I phoned Fabien and Sophie when I reached home, and apparently, after I left Bali, it started raining and hasn't stopped since !

We have thousands of great photos in our camera from Bali and Singapore. I have to make a start uploading them. You know how sometimes the photos on the internet of a place seem much nicer than the actual hotel? This is where we stayed, and I guess there is no need to upload those photos because the villas really are as nice as the online photos.

Fabien and Sophie are still there (but in the one bedroom villa) and will be back on Saturday.

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