Sunday, July 06, 2008

Probably going to change to Picasa or something

I usually like the Facebook photo albums because there are unlimited space for free (unlike Flickr which charges you for the privilege!).

Sophie's flower girl debut can be found at this link

It took me 2 hours and enough cussing and swearin at the computer to upload these photos, so I think I will stop here right now. The problem is that Facebook connection in Beijing seems very unstable and I regularly get the "Server is busy" and "Log in timed out" error message which drives me wild...

Anyway, Bali was awesome, and I really want to LIVE there.

But in the absence of striking the lottery, or making some very capricious investment decisions, I will just have these photos to tell me that it is a lovely venue - especially for weddings.

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mini said...

Hmm I have this urge to wear the cute outfit sophie has on. Not forgetting the flowers :) Or maybe it looks less sillly on little girls ...

Ps. I want to give up on flickr but all my photos are on there booo ... picasa is good though I am wary of google taking over my life :P heh