Thursday, July 24, 2008

Learning to fall

My cousin Kyle forwarded this article to me.

It's not a new criticism but it absolutely makes sense to me. I don't want Sophie to grow up with a "sense of entitlement", and it is scary the number of "Ivy-retards" that we know. Learning to fail, and how to cope with failure is an important skill, and it's one of those important things which (paradoxically) eventually very successful people are good at.

On a quite literal interpretation of that last idea - we bought Sophie a bicycle (with trainer wheels) over the weekend. I gave up looking for a trike and just went striaght for her little bicycle. She still seems to prefer riding a horse though. Maybe it's just a general preference for something alive! After trying out a couple of schools, I have decided I prefer Sophie's first riding school. Their ponies are the most tame of the bunch, and ideal for teaching very young children. I took some photos from last weekend and I will put them up soon-ish.

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