Monday, July 07, 2008

Overheard (II) ...

When picking Sophie up from Kindermusik class, my conversation with another mom.

"Sophie's very well behaved, your ayi takes great care of her"
"Yes, thank you"
"She's very small"
(* Sophie is a class with lots of 3 year olds, so I knew where this question was coming from)
"Sophie just turned two"
"Oh, wow, I thought she was three, she told us she was three, but she speaks so well!"

Huh? That was a little strange, I thought to check it out direct from the little chipmunk, and this is our conversation verbatim:

"Sophie why did you tell Auntie that you are 3 years old?"
"Because I want go work."
"Why do you want to go to work?"
"Because Mama go work, Papa go work, Sophie go work"
"You can't go to work at 3 years old anyway. But now you are 2 years old, you can not tell people that you are 3 years old."
"Pour Quoi no tell people 3 years old? Sophie want 3 years old
(Pour quoi French for "Why"? I don't know why she sometimes changes language on me halfway but she does)

Good question kid.

At this age, she is ANYTHING she wants to be. She lives in a complete fantasy world where animals talk and one of her favorite toys is a large cardboard box is a house, a chair, a space-ship and an elevator.

So why not just imagine being 3 years old?

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Ex Night Queen said...

indeed! i imagine myself 2 b 19 all the time!