Tuesday, July 08, 2008


I have numbing back pain now. From the dumbest thing. EVER.

Coming back from Bali, I had a corn on my foot, and I picked and scratched and now it's a mess of raw skin, so the weight distribution on my feet is not even, and so I am not standing properly, and subconsciously shift my weight.

when you are this pregnant:

standing unnaturally only means only one thing ...

Back-ache !!

I wish I had a maternity belt, but I cannot seem to find one in China.

In the meantime, my back is frigging killing me.


mini said...

Oh my that sounds painful. Would you like me to get you one? I can mail it and you should be able to get it in a week or 2.

sabauda said...

oh honey.....I am so sorry you are hurtin'.....but can I say you look SOOOOOO BEAUTIFULLLLL!!!!

hugs from Torino ....Laurie

Sprog Mamma said...

i could mail you one as well. i have a few i think.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I am impressed by your physical appearance !! You might not want to hear that but it fits you - you look beautiful
Sorry to hear from the backpain, have you any chance to get a heating pillow ?
Best regards from Germany