Sunday, January 14, 2007

Survivor Yul and the New Jew

Never thought that daytime TV could provide perving opportunities. But damn - this is one hot asian dude. Kudos and congratulations to him for wining survivor cook islands.

As a random aside - many moons ago, Yul was the kind of hunky (varsity water polo), smart (Yale law school) Asian dude I could envisage being married to - so of course the fates being what they are, I ended up a blue eyed Frenchman. Such is life.

Anyway, I was reading Yul's bio and wondered if he was the kind of "New Jew" that Daniel Golden was talking about in his book. This is of particular relevance to me because at some point in my life I am thinking of going back to school, and I don't particularly look forward to being discriminated against (by being held to a higher standard) just because I happen to belong to a racial group that seems to comprise of consistently high performers (Yul's success notwithstanding!)...


rene said... hunk!

mini said...

overachievers GRR I hate them ... :P

ChloeJones said...

It is interesting!##

Chloe Jones