Friday, January 26, 2007

My growing bubba

Have been trying to re-write my CV and (*guilty laugh*) catch up on old CSI episodes. I think Sophie watches FAR too much TV. Mostly this is my fault. She loves CSI - she watches it with me (in between Disney and Nicklodean channels) as well as TV5 and BBC World. I keep promising myself that she will watch less, but I am usually in the middle of something (like this blog!) when she wants to play and it just seems much easier to plonk her in front of the TV than let her crawl around and discover something much more interesting (in her case, this means immediately threatening to her health and safety). Yesterday I came out of the shower and she was not on her play mat (or the surrounding area). She was hiding behind the kitchen door yanking on the big and heavy fire extinguisher. Yikes! (said fire extinguisher has since been relegated to a kitchen cupboard) if our house ever burns down you'll know why!

She's really enjoying her newfound mobility, having worked out the mechanics of standing and climbing. I am torn between being really proud of her (she is pretty ahead those baby developmental charts in terms of fine and gross motor skills) and wishing she would just stay a tiny helpless (read: easier to look after) little infant for just that bit longer. Less curiousity in all things that could kill her would also be nice.


Gia-Gina said...

Veronica likes TV too and loves the baby eistein series. We let her watch on our laps or on the baby chair. Looks like the two girls have something in common.

Ex Night Queen said...

You go girl, Sophie!!

mini said...

uh oh the terrible 2s are approaching !