Thursday, January 11, 2007

Jet Lag and Address Update

Some of you might have recieved email from me at 3 am local time. There is nothing wrong with my clock on gmail, but the internal body clock seems to have gone awry. Yes I am awake. Together with my small monster. Who seems stuck in a timezone midway between Paris and Beijing. There is nothing I can do about my jet lag untill I fix the Sophie time zone.

We are both stuck in the twilight zone of sheer exhaustion. Sophie (poor thing) has not been able to sleep the full night since she got here. Her night sleep can only be currently described as insomniac. This is from a baby who used to sleep from 8pm to 7am without so much as a whimper.

Basically I send her to bed at 7pm because she cannot keep awake past then but then she gets up an hour late to play for a variable period before dropping back off again. Then she wakes up again at midnight and any attempt to put her back to bed before 3am is met with la resistance, which includes screaming like a banshee and all manner of contortionist acrobatics. It makes me wonder whether I should call a pediatrician or an exorcist.

Anyway at 3am she will drop off (probably from exhaustion) and then she will wake up again at 9am all jolly and happy. But that is only 6 hours of sleep. She used to get at least 10 if not 11 consecutive hours a night. This sudden halving of night sleep just cannot be healthy. She then compensates with super day-time naps from 10am to noon, from 3 to 5pm.

I want to figure out how to re-adjust her body clock. (*Peter - I feel your pain*)

If any body has any bright ideas PLEASE PLEASE tell me. You will gain my undying gratitude and respect. And a permanant place available for you at our new home.

(if you are considering writing to me, consider using the Chinese Address you see on this link ) The rest of you who can't read Chinese can look at the pretty pictures or something...


Peter said...

yep .. with a kid it is even more fun to overcome jet lag ... maybe you read in the comments on our blog .. 2 reccomendations of the chemical kind are melatonin and kid's benadryl ... we have so far refrained from using any of these ... seems the current jet lag will be going away in a few days ... Julius woke up at 2:30 AM, then 3:30 and today at 4:45 ... so .. we are getting there ... hang in there !!!

S* said...

Update on this - tonight Sophie slept from 11pm to 9am!! Please do this again baby!!